Creating a new ambition for EVERY child

real legacy is an ambitious two-year programme, personalised for your school to make a real difference and create a real legacy for EVERY child.

In addition to Create programmes, real legacy includes bespoke school-based support (total of 4 days), evidence of impact, enrichment opportunities, the very best innovative resources and is supported by Jasmine – your real learning platform.

real legacy:

  • Brings together the school, home and community to enable cultural change.
  • Provides measurable, sustainable and meaningful impact for EVERY child, school and family.
  • Provides sector leading training, groundbreaking resources and ongoing, personalised support to achieve your vision.
Infant / First Schools
Junior Schools
Primary Schools


Inspired teachers and measurable impact in quality of teaching and learning
AfL embedded, collaborative learning integral and learning celebrated and shared
A culture of high expectations with all pupils making secure and sustained progress
Highly inclusive culture with all pupils remaining active in and out of school
Successful strategies to engage families to develop and sustain healthy habits and behaviours
All pupils learning from safe and challenging, healthy competition
A range of enrichment opportunities established, including opportunities for pupils to lead and volunteer
Clear evidence of PE spending impacting on whole school development outcomes