Enabling EVERY child to develop Leadership Fundamentals

real leaders enables schools to deliver leadership programmes in school that support the development of Leadership Fundamentals in a fun and engaging way, through simple and clear learning journeys.

The real leaders programme includes training, the very best innovative resources and will soon be supported by Jasmine - your real learning platform.


real leaders supports both teachers and pupils in Year 5/6 to understand what great leadership looks, sounds and feels like.

Key Stage 2 (KS2) practitioners

What makes real leaders unique?

A flexible and sustainable programme enabling EVERY child to have the opportunity to be a leader
A focus on a unique set of Leadership Fundamentals which help children articulate and demonstrate core school values
Transforming intra-school competition for Key Stage 1 through a focus on Personal Best and Fundamental Movement Skills
Market leading, exciting resources to make delivery simple whilst supporting and empowering children
Supporting schools to open the doors for multiple school based leadership opportunities

The programme:

  • Gives teachers the tools to support the development of leadership fundamentals in pupils.
  • Provides pupils with opportunities to lead and deliver small events and competitions.
  • Empowers teachers and pupils to deliver high quality, healthy competition through a focus on Personal Best.
  • Provides a template programme, resources and a menu of ideas to include, challenge and support young leaders in and through appropriate roles.
  • Provides schools with insight deployment and further development of whole school leadership roles.