Transforming coaching habits to develop children’s essential learning behaviours

real coaching is a pioneering programme which empowers coaches to make life-changing differences and deliver outstanding coaching.

The real coaching programme includes training and the very best innovative resources.


All coaches and volunteers working with 4 -11 year old children or experienced Tutors with a growth mindset, identified/nominated by a Create Partner to deliver the real coaching modules.


What makes real coaching unique?

A pioneering programme which inspires coaches to make life-changing differences to children
A truly child centred, holistic approach which places the developing child ahead of sport
Provides scaffolding to empower coaches to develop essential coaching habits
The very best practical, experiential modules to develop knowledge and support implementation
Incredible package of market leading resources

Why real coaching?

The comprehensive and practical training programme covers:

  • The power and influence of the coach and the life-changing difference they can make.
  • Understanding and developing the whole child.
  • Developing Fundamental Movement Skills.
  • Creating healthy competition and using competition as a tool for learning.
  • The power of language.
  • Behaviour management.
  • Self-review and profiling.


Contact us to find out how your organisation can be trained and licensed to deliver the real coaching programme to your coaches.