Sholing creates a new ambition for EVERY child

Sholing Infant School in Southampton, a 3-form entry Infant School is the first nationally to embark on their real legacy journey to create a new ambition for every child. Not only are they on a mission to get children more active and change the way PE is perceived, they’re also taking it many steps further to ensure every child develops a healthy relationship with physical activity for life.

They are doing this by bringing the school, home and community together to enable cultural change. Their journey commenced with real PE training for their teachers to support their PE provision to develop the whole child and will now extend across the school to include supporting families and the wider school community.

Click here to view Sholing Infant School real PE impact report.

The school will be supported with teacher training, school based support, family engaging strategies, enrichment and competitive opportunities and supporting resources from Create and local Partner Solent University all through a holistic approach to develop children’s physical, personal, social and emotional skills.

The main outcome is that the personalised, two-year programme creates a real legacy for every child. The school are able to measure the sustainable and meaningful impact for every child, school and family. Only 100 schools nationally will be able to access the real legacy pilot.

PE Leader, Simon Arthur has driven the initiative at the school and said:

Developing the child holistically is what we already do in school, so it was an obvious choice to be supported to be able to do this in PE too. Not only do we develop the fundamental physical skills that are so often overlooked, our PE lessons are centered around the child to enable them to be successful in the classroom and in later life! We’re really excited at the prospect of extending the same approach across the whole school and wider community to ensure all children and families benefit.”

Headteacher, Lisa Houghton said:

At Sholing Infant School we are committed to building firm foundations to ensure the highest provision for all our children and Create values mirrored ours. We love their approach and philosophy and can already see the positive effects it has had on our children’s learning and the teaching at our school.”

Ronnie Heath, Managing Director at Create added:

We are delighted to be working with schools that are desperate to change the whole perception of PE. Sholing are setting the standards to provide challenging, exciting and inclusive PE for all their children. From starting with real PE they recognised that it is all about to change in PE and real legacy is the natural progression to highlight the all-round impact of PE – not only on children’s attainment levels now, but on their future lives.”

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