real sunshine, real relationships, real PE

Teachers have never stopped inspiring me by their relentless dedication to their pupils. At a time none of us could have predicted, with no rule book on what to do next, these heroes have yet again blown me away with their approach and undefeated attitude.

I’ve been humbled by the response we have had from schools, as they take up our free offer to continue real PE at home by allowing all parents to access our programmes online.

John Parsons and the innovation team somehow (I’m assuming without sleep and with help from 100 elves) accelerated their work to ensure we had it ready. The marketing, comms and operation teams somehow kept pace to get it prepared to go out.

The whole Create team, including the board, immediately backed the decision to let any school anywhere and its families get free access to the wonderful range of activities and support for home learning. Let’s be clear, at the time we weren’t even sure how and when we would achieve it. Even now we have no plan of how we can afford it financially at a time when our ability to trade has been pulled from beneath us. We are all nervous about the future.

We haven’t agreed next steps but we just knew it was right to support families during school closures to ensure that every child could enjoy being active at home. It was a real problem, bigger than us, but we had a real solution - to provide a no-strings-attached service at a time when families need it most.

The love, support and messages we have had from schools is extraordinary. I shed tears the other morning - firstly at faith in humanity and then the realisation of the trust that so many schools had, or were prepared to place, in the Create brand. This is in no small part due to the trusted relationship that individuals at Create have established within the community of schools. They have been spreading the real PE sunshine for years, developing that relationship and our teachers have radiated the warmth by skilfully passing it on to 1000s of children and then telling us all the great success stories.

Now at a time none of us could have imagined, those sunshine relationships are going to get us all through this.

Jon Mortimer (Director, North) shared this Helen Keller quote with us:

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.”