Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference 2019

"Creating a culture where PE is joyful opposed to hurtful - where children develop self-esteem, connectivity with others and critical thinking." Ronnie Heath, Managing Director, Create.

It was a pleasure to sponsor the Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference in London and meet so many teachers focused on ensuring that all children thrive in life and supporting their colleagues too.  

The day was packed with inspiring keynotes and workshops providing teachers with tips, advice and resources to help tackle their own challenges and offer meaningful support to pupils and their colleagues at school.

Create's Managing Director, Ronnie Heath opened the conference with a keynote to explore the role of high quality PE in the development of children's mental health and wellbeing. It was greatly received and highlighted that in order to raise healthy and active children, we should be considering the broader impact PE can have and look to move from a sport-led to a child centred approach, supporting the development of key life skill such as resilience, communication and problem solving. Activity or sport would then be seen as a servant and a vehicle for learning – making PE inclusive, stimulating and challenging to meet the needs of EVERY child.

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