Introducing… Jasmine!

This week marked the launch of Jasmine – your real learning platform!

We are constantly looking at ways to improve the way in which we support teachers, pupils and schools and we always begin with feedback from teachers (the experts!). We’ve listened and reviewed our programmes and the outcome was to commence with simplifying the real PE Lesson Plans along with their supporting resources. Feedback suggests that schools love the Create approach as it matches their values and vision, but what we now know is that the Lesson Plans weren’t as easy to follow as they could have been. The solution…

Jasmine simplifies, streamlines and elevates your real experience.

How Jasmine will do this:

  • Improved teacher, pupil and school experience with clearer remote support.
  • A teaching and learning aid which pupils can interact and learn with.
  • Icon led, simple designs make it more intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Videos integrated into Lesson Plans for easy access and reference.
  • Works on multiple devices (including iPads and tablets) with multiple logins to help bring lessons to life.
  • New, fun and creative imagery for Key Stage 2 activities.
  • Streamlines USBs, DVD videos, assessment, impact and other supporting resources into one place, removing the need to access 3 different mediums.
  • Continuous improvements and developments accessible in real time (at NO additional cost).
  • A market leading, unique solution to support a beautiful whole child philosophy that aligns with your school values.

What do schools think about Jasmine?

Next steps

Email to have your real PE lesson planning and delivery supported by Jasmine.